EPIC! You’re Screwing Canadians with Paragon

Paragon recently celebrated its first year in beta with a huge update, allowing for a true Free-to-play model that some of us have been waiting for. instead of having only a few options as rewards and also how to get them, no Epic has added in new ways to win. Every 30 consecutive days that you log on players are rewarded with a new skin which looks to be a color variant of a previous existing skin. included in those 30 days are log in bonuses that range from hero unlocks (for new players) and material for crafting cards to the always tempting Coins, Paragon’s premium currency.

And Premium it is… at least for Canadian gamers like myself.

Paragon’s pricing for 1000 Coins, 2000 + 160 bonus Coins, and 4000 + 400 bonus Coins

Paragon’s ridiculous cost for 11,800 coins


Below i have made a breakdown of the cost per coin with and without the bonus coins to show you the

1,000 coins for $9.99 = 100 Coins per dollar

2,000 + 160 Coins for $19.99 = 108 Coins per dollar

4,000 + 400 Coins for $53.49 = 82.25 Coins per dollar

10,000 + 1,800 Coins for $133.49 = 88.4 Coins per dollar

So as you can so, the worst deal to get currently is the 4,000 + 400 bonus coins, and the best deal is the 2000 + 160 Coins for 19.99 even if your are purchasing multiples as seen below.

2 x (2000+ 160) = 4320 Coin for a total of $39.98

400+400 = 4400 Coins for a total of $53.49

80 Coins is costing you an additional $13.51

Whats even worse is the additional cost for even less coins if you opt for the 10,000 + 1,800 coins for $133.49

6 x (2000 + 160) = 12960 Coins for a total of $119.94

10,000 + 1800 = 11,800 Coins for a total of $133.49

For $13.55 you are giving up on 1,160 Coins.
This is clearly because of exchange rates as 1 USD is equal to 1.33 CAD. Hopefully Epic sees the discrepancy and adjusts all the prices to reflect the exchange rates or adjust the 4000+400 and 10,000+ 1,800 to the proper 40$ and 100$ similar to the US version of the game.

Written by: David Goldby

I'm a long time Playstation fan since 1997 when Final Fantasy VII was released in the North America. I Enjoy Fantasy Games, Writing and Cookies. Don't ever take my cookies...