Giveaway: PC (Steam) Copies of POSTAL franchise


A week after our Mastema out of Hell contest we are honored to present our latest giveaway. This time it’s the biggest we’ve ever done.

In collaboration with Running With Scissors, we would give away any Postal game available on steam – Postal Redux, Postal 2 and Postal 3. We have 3 copies for each game, which means that there are 9 winners. Yes, you’ve read it right – 9 winners!

Giveaway: PC (Steam) Copies of POSTAL franchise

Note: Make sure to leave under comments which game you choose.

Written by: David Melloul

  • provista

    Postal 3

  • Viktor Ryzkov

    Postal III
    thank you!

  • Qais Syaher

    Postal III, thanks!

  • prostagma

    Postal 2,

  • Saif Sawara

    Postal II

  • Arkangel

    postal III

  • Thatonedude55

    Postal 3 would be nice.
    I’ve played the postal games for quite a while now and i have never played Postal 3.

  • KSSBro

    Postal 3

  • Deuterium

    Wanted to say exactly the same as Thatonedude55 😀

  • Frankenweeniie

    Ou nice nedd postal 1 and 3

  • Paul (paul3397)

    postal 1

  • Андрей Белый

    Postal 3

  • Kwlz

    Postal 3. 🙂

  • Jean

    Postal Redux

  • Steven Blow

    I`ve never played any Postal game,, so any would be nice.


    Any game would be a bomb.?

  • Giganotti

    postal 3

  • Van Marcoh

    Happy with any game but maybe postal 3

  • CeCe

    Postal 3 🙂

  • Alex Cyrlex

    Any game would be nice, thanks 🙂

  • volusat

    postal redux

  • Steam Anex


  • Dank Memes

    Postal 2

  • Turtle

    Postal 2

  • Teo Angelov

    Postal 3

  • rpmboy

    Postal 3

  • Abraham Sullivan

    Postal 3

  • Václav Slavětínský

    Postal Redux hands down!

  • Abdullah Azhar

    need all :3

  • Derpyshadow

    Postal 2

  • Dino Salkovic

    Postal Redux ftw !

  • Max Albifrons

    Postal Redux !

  • Hank Spincer

    Postal 3 & Postal Redux

  • bigandtasty

    Any of the games are good with me; thanks

  • Jacky Chan

    Any of these are good with me

  • Dante Sensĕstional Nephilim

    I want all lol! i’m good with any of them

  • Giovanni

    I’ll like postal redux

  • Mark

    I would be happy with even one of the games

  • Budimir Zenden

    Postal 3.

  • MadeForGaming

    We are also featuring a PS4 giveaway, you are more than welcome to enter via Twitter

  • Aniruddha Varma

    Postal 3

  • danalyze

    Thanks~Postal Redux or Postal 3,please.

  • Дима Попов

    POSTAL 3

  • Gerardo Doria

    Postal 2

  • Alfredo

    postal 3

  • newgolgotha

    Postal Redux please.

  • Leonardo Caballero Martinez

    genial, postal redux

  • Rosa Maria Rodriguez

    postal 3

  • tAnt0

    Postal 3 or Postal Redux

  • Bob

    Postal 2 Please

  • oozicool

    I love these guys so much! RWS is is the best in the industry. Can’t say anything bad about them. Played every single game of theirs excluding Postal Redux. That would be my choice. Just don’t play Postal 3. You will regret it. I have warned you!

    Thank you for the chance!

  • Walter Farshower

    Postal 2

  • MineGamer14939

    Postal 2 please

  • Alexander Crow Chernyak

    I Want Postal III, Please Please Please.