Hunter’s Moon Goes on Kickstarter, Looking for Backers to Invest in a Remastered Edition

Hunter's Moon Remastered

Apparently Nintendo isn’t the only one who likes to reminisce about the early days of the industry. To take advantage of the NES/SNES mini-consoles momentum, Thalamus Digital Publishing has decided to delve even deeper into the past – the Commodore 64 era, remastering Hunter’s Moon.

Although it’s only been hours since their launch of a Kickstarter campaign, the game reached a total of 10,000 GBP out of its goal to pledge 12.5K. This is quite amazing considering the game is about to be released exclusively in a cartridge format.

Thalamus Digital also revealed that judging by the success of Hunter’s Moon they might be bringing back more classic games from the 80’s and 90’s.

Source: Hunter’s Moon Kickstarter page

Written by: David Melloul