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From his humble beginnings as a portly, blue hedgehog with a pupula duplex to the new title Sonic Boom, Sonic has been through more than a few changes over the years. When the trailer for Sonic Boom was unveiled, a tsunami of hatred smashed upon the shores of the internet, comment boxes and forums alike set ablaze. I consider myself a fan of the original games, so I can relate to the pain others might be feeling. 

Over time, Sonic shed some pounds, mainly in the torso department and managed to grow a couple feet vertically. This newest Sonic seems to be sporting a scarf, probably to convey an adventurer look, kind of like Nathan Drake, and copious amounts of sports tape wrapped around his shoes and hands.

Amy has long chased Sonic and sought his affections to his dismay and like most of Sonic's friends has always been pretty useless. The redesign arguably did the least for her visually, instead revamping what her character could portray. In the trailer we saw a more capable Amy; as the group descened into a chasm, they all land with an unforgiving thud, except Amy, who deftly lands on her feet. It's wonderful that she'll be less dead weight and more of a not awful rolemodel for girls who game.

Sonic Boom News Screen 2

The redisgn for Tails looks reasonable, keeping things simple with a pair of mechanic goggles, spanner and a utility belt. Miles, being a mechanical prodigy on par with Eggman, has always crafted gadgets and lent a hand flying sonic to unreachable places either with his namesake rotor-like double tails or his plane, the Tornado. His changes probably only accentuate that he is the techy of the group, sort of like Bentley from the Sly Cooper games.

I think Knuckles deserves an extra special mention because he has undergone the biggest redesign by far. Knuckles' previous incarnation was just a red, anthropomorphic Echidna who possessed the ability to glide and climb walls with his spikey fists. While Knuckles has always been the muscle, his redesign emphasizes the fact that he is the bruiser of the group. Hopefully this means unique combat abilites, maybe even acting as a sort of tank for the group, drawing enemy fire away from the squishier characters.

During the trailer we witnessed  a giant worm robot thing lunge towards the camera and I really want to fight a giant mechanical worm. I like tape worms and I like fighting so this seems like a great compromise. Let’s hope Sonic doesn’t steal this away in a cutscene like some kind of spikey, blue, hamburgular and we actually get to fight the behemoth in glorious mortal combat.



Smashy, smashy.


Along with the potentially awesome boss battles, Sonic stands to deliver in prettiness. The environments in the trailer actually look fairly decent with a wide variety of virbrant colours and neon lights that would put an Ibiza night club to shame. A style similar to Jak and Daxter, not surprising considering the talent behind the game, with the futuristic metallic areas intertwining with nature.

My opinion regarding Sonic Boom is one of skepticism. The game promises giant robo worms to which my love for tape worms aligns and looks to feature an open hub world the player can explore for the first time since Sonic Adventure. However, much like the habitat of the tape worm, I can’t help but shake the feeling that the title will be covered in excriment; a lot of the modern Sonic games looked good from a distance. My inner child would have me hope for the best, if the game ends up being the opposite of garbage, I guess I will have no choice but to reconcile with an old friend.

Steven Dalby
Author: Steven Dalby
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