Paragon Heroes – Casters

Paragon, Epic’s Third Person MOBA entered open beta recently and with it comes a variety of heroes to choose from. Today I’ll be focusing on the Casters of Agora.


260px-Hero-portrait-gadget – Has a not-so-secret gambling addiction.

– Enjoys the company of machines more than people. Undecided about androids.

– Joined the Mechanica at fifteen. Left it at sixteen.





Plasma Blast – Basic attack hitting one enemy at range

Seek and Destroy – Ranged mine that damages and slows enemies, auto triggered for Heroes

Sticky Mine – Ranged mine that tracks enemy and detonates after a short time. Auto prioritizes Heroes

Speed Gate – release a gate that increases allies movement speed and damages enemies

Tesla Done – Gadget’s Ultimate ability creates a large dome around the enemies and causes damage over time.



gideon-portrait – Believes limits are for the meek.

– On his sixth birthday, witnessed the death of a star. Fell in love.

– Dekker suspects “Gideon” is not his true name.





Portal Blast – Basic Attack damaging one enemy

Burden – Slow one enemy while damaging them over time

Cosmic Rift – Drop a meteor on the battle field, AOE damage

Torn Space – create a portal sending yourself in desired direction, allies can jump through portal as well

Black hole – create a miniature black hole, pulling enemies towards the center while damaging and slowing them. Gideon has a small over shield during casting.



260px-Hero-portrait-howitzer – Published an article on grenades: theory, practice, and aesthetics.

– Charged with destruction, mayhem, and defacing public property.

– Installed a humidor in his mech.




Cannon – Missile that hits single target

Slow Grenade – fires 3 Grenades that explode after a short time or when enemy passes through, causes slow on target

R2000 Missile – Long Range Missile for AOE

Land Mine – Throw a land mine to push enemies back or assist in escaping

Make it Rain – Ultimate which fires multiple missiles over time.


Iggy & Scorch


  • Both were cast-out as runts. Suits them just fine.
  • Scorch once ate all the molotovs, passed out, and burned down an orphanage.
  • Iggy thinks he’s a dinosaur. Scorch disagrees.




Molotov – Iggy throws a Molotov Cocktail igniting the ground on impact

Oil Slick – Scorch increases movement speed and leaves a trail of flammable oil in his wake

Flame Turret – Iggy sets up a Flame Turret with limited fuel and health which attacks enemies (heroes prioritized) continuously

Oil Spill – Scorch spits oil at target causing extra damage when ignited

Flame Belch – Iggy feeds Scorch a molotov and Scorch breaths fire before belching and causing knock back

Written by: David Goldby

I'm a long time Playstation fan since 1997 when Final Fantasy VII was released in the North America. I Enjoy Fantasy Games, Writing and Cookies. Don't ever take my cookies...