Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Get a Thrilling New Trailer

Pokemon Sun and Moon originally launched for the Nintendo 3DS late last year. The latest entry in the series overhauled some of the core features, like gym battles. That said, they will be releasing an updated version of the game later this year called Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Nintendo has just released a new trailer for the upcoming game. Titled ‘This is Not the Alola You Know Anymore,’ the short Japanese clip gives us a look at some of the new features in the game – including the story. The ultra beasts also seem to have a much bigger role in the game as evident by their appearance in the trailer.

The developers have been pretty tight-lipped about the story, but it seems like the game will give us some more insight on all the mysterious happenings in the region. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is slated to release this Nov. 17 on the Nintendo 3DS. Watch the new trailer below to learn more:

Written by: Irwyn Diaz