Bioshock Burial at Sea Episode Two Set to Reintroduce Key Characters


Irrational Games showed a sneaky snippet of behind the scenes footage for their second episode of the Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea DLC series at the 3rd Annual New York Videogame Critics Circle Awards.

It sheds some light on what to expect from the second episode of the DLC. The video showed a few short interviews with some of the voice actors that will be appearing in the DLC in a bid to whet the appetite of its fan base, like tossing a zebra into a lion enclosure after a BBQ sauce spill. 

Elizabeth and Booker return with their somewhat quirky relationship and the infamous Andrew Ryan looks to play a larger role in this underwater adventure that proves to be far from a soggy mess.

Daisy Fitzroy and Frank Fontaine also will be making an appearance. Maybe their appearance will be a bit more than a cameo and will have a larger role similar to Andrew Ryan.

The first episode of Burial At Sea received mixed reviews which commented on the environments slipping back into the derelict state of the first two BioShock games and not staying with the new pristine Rapture Burial at Sea promises.

However, with these big characters all rammed into one DLC package the second episode to the Burial at Sea DLC series should prove to be nail bitingly good. With the DLC being released March 25th, we won't have to wait long to find out.


Steven Dalby
Author: Steven Dalby
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