Weekend Wrap-up 3/12/17

Playstation Firmware version 4.5 Released
Sony released the 4.5 update this week for the Playstation 4, the update a lot of users have been waiting for, as it adds a whole bunch of new features to the console including custom backgrounds, 3d Blu-ray support with PSVR headsets and External HDD, up to 8TBs


Gladiolus gets up close in personal in Final Fantasy 15
Final Fantasy 15’s first of 4 episodes released through DLC has been previewed, showing off Gladiolus and Cor Leonis adventuring deep into Gilgamesh’s lair.

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games released Pathfinder Update
Hello Games released the Pathfinder update for their Space Exploration/Survival game No Man’s Sky. With the update comes new vehicles that can be used on the surfaces of planets, new classifications for space and ground vehicles, a new permadeath mode which has its own trophy along with the extremely difficult Survival Mode.


Breath of the Wild Releases with high Critical success
With the average critic’s score of 98% on Metacritic, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild help push Nintendo’s new console The Switch to a sold out state in a matter of days. The Game is the first open world Zelda game and promises to be able to be played however the gamer wants to. It even includes a special island just for the survival enthusiasts


PSVR Exclusive Farpoint gets release date
May 16th, 2017 marks the first true Playstation Vr game being available for the gamers, with the recommended Aim Controller, Farpoint hopes to bring FPS to VR in ways that haven’t be achievable until now. included in the game is a Co-op mode so that friends can play together on an alien planet from the comforts of their own couches

Written by: David Goldby

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