Manage your own space fleet in XO – Kickstarter begins next week

This week we got a trailer for another indie title with a unique look. I do love the way these smaller games can get away with having a genuinely interesting style. This is XO from Jumpdrive Studios. It’s all grids, wireframes and bright colours. And the music was done by Jim Guthrie, of Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery and Below from Capybara Games Take a look.

It’s essentially a space fleet management sim, right? Battlestar Gallactica crossed with FTL. You take the role of the fleet’s captain (presumably the exectutive officer. The XO, see?) and must make the best decisions for the ships under your command, in the face of a relentless pursuit by an enemy you have little hope of defeating. Manage crew, ships and resources; choose whether to return oncoming fire or jump to warp. As their leader, the fate of the fleet is in your hands.

Having completed the feedback phase with the Square Enix Collective initiative in April, their KickStarter starts on July 20th. So they will be getting backing from Square Enix if their campaign is successful, but be sure to show your support for XO if you like the look of it and let us know what you think of XO, Jumpdrive or the Square Enix Collective in the comments section below.

Written by: Eoin Bradley